Conflict resolution and intervention in a respectful environment

Do you have conflicts with a teen, partner, landlord or neighbor?

Do you want or need a better way of communicating your concerns effectively?


I can help you express yourself without further damaging your relationships and building peaceful resolutions.


I can help facilitate a healthy dialogue in a safe and respectful atmosphere.


Allow me the opportunity to assist in resolving your conflict, while maintaining your privacy and confidentiality.


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Anatomy of a Mediation

Intake: Contact individual participants separately, allowing each person involved to tell their story.

Joint Meeting: Bringing the parties together to discuss what brought them here; identify the issues and strategize goals.

Explore the Issue: The mediator will foster communication between parties and promote understanding.

Building the Agreement: Joint problem solving to ensure a “win-win” solution and agreement.

Mediator’s Closing Statement: Once an agreement has been reached, each party receives a copy of the agreement and understands their responsibility for implementation.


"Deb respected the differences in our family and helped us come together to be a better family. She believed in us." J.P.

"I have known Deb professionally and personally for several years.  I have found her to be a compassionate and understanding individual.  As a facilitator she is non-judgmental, patient and knowledgeable when interacting with others. Her passion and commitment for helping people is outstanding."

Deborah Plant ~ Retired Teacher at St. Albans City School

"Deb's calm and competent manner makes her an ideal facilitator. She is fair minded and open to hearing all sides of a situation, and has a great ability to reserve judgment and give impartial assistance. She is a pleasure to work with and a strong role model."

Teresa Robert ~ Community Justice Center Supervisor